Matt Lukacs

Matt is a wild man barefoot water-skier on the team and loves to share his passion for the act and teach other people how to master the impressive feat. One of Matt’s hobbies is buying and selling sports cars. He has owned more than 100 cars over the years, many of which were Mustangs and Corvettes.

2022 Acts

Flying Dock

With no need for skis, this act involves only the soles of one’s feet. Watch as our skier jumps in the air as if he can fly and land in the water at 40+ miles an hour. He will then continue to barefoot ski in circles.

Pre-Built Pyramid

Most of our pyramids start with everyone on skis. Not this one! Two pyramids will start from the dock fully constructed! They will then swing back around to pick up an extra skier and merge into a single pyramid before your eyes.

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