Cole Reynolds

2022 Acts


You’d be lucky to see one wakeboarder this talented on Lake Panorama.. and at this year’s ski show you will see two! These two can flip circles around each other... literally.

Pre-Built Pyramid

Most of our pyramids start with everyone on skis. Not this one! Two pyramids will start from the dock fully constructed! They will then swing back around to pick up an extra skier and merge into a single pyramid before your eyes.

Mini Doubles

A younger and smaller (and, arguably, cuter) version of our doubles act performed by parents and children.

Around the Boat

This act not only features some skilled skiers, but also our very talented boat crew. Slalom skiers will cut out to one side as fast as possible while the boat turns into them and underneath the ropes. The skiers will complete a full 360 degree circle around the boat.

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